SERVO: To Watch Over, Keep, Protect, Observe    To Preserve, Serve, Guard Online Backup SERVO Storage Space - Gb’s Set Up Cost Price Per Month Installation Guide - SERVO OBM Operating System : Novell NetWare 6.0sp4 / 6.5sp1 or above Memory : 128 Mbytes Disk Space : 100 Mbytes Network Protocol : TCP/IP (Http/Https) Additional Requirement: o Novell JVM 1.4.2.x or above for NetWare must be installed already o Perl v5.8.4 or above (download) Download SERVO Online Backup Manager - A full-featured backup software for Novell NetWare Server 1. Download the setup file above 2. Expand the zip file to SYS:\SERVO OBM 3. Install SERVO OBM SYS:\SERVO OBM\aua\bin\install-aua.ncf 4. Start Auto Upgrade Agent SYS:\SERVO OBM\aua\bin\startup.ncf 5. If you want scheduled backup to run automatically, you must start the backup scheduler by SYS:\SERVO OBM\bin\Scheduler.ncf All backup sets will now be run at their scheduled times automatically. 6. Open SERVO OBM by running SYS:\SERVO OBM\bin\RunBackupManager.ncf 7. (optional) Enter the backup server name in the [Address] field and press the [Next] button 8. If you are using a proxy server to access the internet, please fill in the [Proxy setting] section and press the [Next] button 9. If you don't have a backup account, register a trial user by the following steps i. Enter the [Login Name], [Password] and [Confirm Password] of your choice ii. Enter your [Email] in the text field provided iii. Press the [Submit] button iv. You should be logged to the backup server already (if the [Login Name] of your choice is already taken by another user, try a different login name) 10. If you have a backup account already, select [already a user?] and logon to the server with your existing username and password 11. If this is your first time logging into the server, you will be guided to create a backup set i. Enter a backup set name of your choice in the [Name] field, choose the type of backup set in the [Type] field and then press [Next] button ii. Select the files that you want to backup and press the [Next] button iii. Press the [properties] button to review or make changes to the default backup schedule setting and then press the [Next] button. (please note that you can add multiple backup schedules to a backup set by pressing the [Add] button) iv. Setup the encryption setting for your backup set (if you don't know much about encryption, just accept the default values here) v. Press the [OK] button to complete the configuration of backup set 12. To run a backup immediately, click [Backup] button on the left panel, select the backup set and press [OK] button 13. Setup completed 14. To restore your files, please do the following steps i. Click [Restore] button on the left panel ii. Select the backup set containing the files you want to restore and then press [Next] button iii. Select all files that you want to restore using the file explorer on the right panel iv. If you want to restore your files to a folder other than the original folder, please make changes to the [Restore files to] section v. Press the [Start Restore] button