SERVO: To Watch Over, Keep, Protect, Observe    To Preserve, Serve, Guard Online Backup SERVO Storage Space - Gb’s Set Up Cost Price Per Month Bronze 5 FREE £7.50 Silver 10 FREE £13.00 Gold 20 FREE £24.00 Platinum 30 FREE £33.00 Professional 50 FREE £50.00 Professional+ 75 FREE £67.50 Enterprise 100 FREE £85.00 Enterprise+ 150 FREE £112.50 MS SQL Server Module FREE* Lotus Domino/Notes Module FREE* MS EXchange FREE* Oracle Database Module FREE* *Add on modules normally £10 per month each Nigel Larkin - Enterprise Financial Services “As part of our compliance with the Financial Services Authority, we are required to protect all client information and also our own business information. SERVO allows us to do this. Scheduled, encrypted backups with daily notifications ensure we are protected at all times. We used to use external hard drives which were unreliable, cumbersome and we had no idea that the backup had run! This software is so simple to use. A no brainer for any business.”