SERVO: To Watch Over, Keep, Protect, Observe    To Preserve, Serve, Guard Online Backup What our clients have to say....   Emma Mills - Mi-PA “I backup all my client information using SERVO. The backups are scheduled and I have  reports emailed to me every morning. The support is   excellent and I will recommend SERVO to all my clients.”  Nigel Larkin - Enterprise Financial Services “As part of our compliance with the Financial Services Authority, we are required to protect all  client information and also our own business information. SERVO allows us to do this.  Scheduled, encrypted backups with daily notifications ensure we are protected at all times. We  used to use external hard drives which were unreliable, cumbersome and we had no idea that  the backup had run! This software is so simple to use. A no brainer for any business.” Nigel Phipps - Octave Financial Planning CITS have looked after our IT for years and have always provided us with honest and reliable  advice. Having our highly confidential client and company information backed up securely is  something we have to comply with. SERVO offers secure, offsite and reliable backups. We  used to use external hard drives but this proved unreliable. Also, it was seldom taken out of the  office. Receiving daily reports gives us peace of mind knowing the backups have run  successfully. I would strongly recommend SERVO to any business who wish to protect vital  data. Kevin Roberts - Connect IT Solutions “We back up all our data to the SERVO datacentre. Sage data, website SQL data, CRM, documents, Exchange, everything that is stored local is  also backed up online. Having the daily reports delivered to my inbox every morning gives me the confidence that should the worst happen, we will  always have our data available.”